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Good Samaritan

There was a man who went too deep into the secret of creation and was engulfed by the fire everlasting.

Ah, what a strange tide of fate! He was not meant to be killed by fire since he was the son of Berun.
His fate and absolute fire collided, making him suffer in endless pain.
He cried, rolling over the field,
"Somebody put out this fire! Please stop this fire!"
People used the rake to push him out to the field where there's nothing to be burnt.

One day, a wizard passed by him.
A man's voice was still strong even in the decades of painful crying.
"Please stop this pain! Please end this fate!", he cried.
The wizard had pity on him, and taped his whole body with bandage made of frost hairs.
A man cried, "My body under the bandage is still burning! My pain didn't stop!"

The wizard spoke, "This will make your fire never spread out."

What a beautiful story.
What a heartwarming story of kind-hearted people.